Green Energy

vert 200Services developed by Seriali contribute to reduce the environmental impact due to optimization software online collaborative work. Less time wasted, less unnecessary trips ... are all positive points in favor of ecology.

Reminder of useful advice (ADEME)

  • To last as long as possible the life of the equipment.
  • Avoid always print each document, whatever its nature.
  • Optimize Internet searches.
  • Rationalize the number of recipients of the email.
  • Clean his email regularly.
  • To purchase, choose preferably certified by European Ecolabel or Energy Star computer.
  • Be attentive at the end of life of his computer, considered electronic waste: waste disposal deposition or store return are two possible options.
  • Avoid systematically distribute USB type advertising.


pont 320The applications developed by Seriali are based on proprietary code and hosted on remote servers secure.

Language development is on Php Mysql databases.

For more information thank you to contact us, we will gladly answer your questions.

How does the Full Web?

Software as a Service or Software as a Service (SaaS) is a commercial software model in which they are installed on remote servers rather good ... to read more click here.

Here's a less technical explanation to better understand the full web:

There are 3 main methods to manage your schedules:

- With an Agenda Paper, a workbook, sheet and a pencil eraser and above.

- With a PDA on your desktop and a computer on every desk people affected by your organization or work. Also expect a phone in this case.

- With a Full Web application and an internet connection in this case.


Full Web Application you will have access to all information online from any mobile smartphone (with screen) and 24 hours on 24 and 7 days 7.

So you can work or simply at any time verify a date or information that prevents you from sleeping. You do not have to go around computers to turn them on or update. A simple web browser latest generation enough.

I.e. the Full Web is sharing your schedules hierarchical way (only those involved see what they have access) for all your employees and yourself. Accessible from anywhere, any time and with a fixed or mobile device.

Otherwise you can read more documentation here

Full documentation Web

bookSoftware as a Service or Software as a Service (SaaS) is a commercial software model in which they are installed on remote servers rather than on the user's machine. Customers do not pay for a license version, but generally use free online service or pay a recurring subscription.

The use of software solutions as a service (SaaS) enterprise allows for better control of technical specifications. All the technical solutions being relocated cost becomes fixed, usually based on the number of people using the SaaS solution. The price per user includes the cost of software licenses, maintenance and infrastructure.

The advantages of SaaS have a rather low budget and financial impact. The total cost of acquisition and maintenance of the solution means prove, unlike a traditional license acquisition is usually spent in capital.
A clear advantage for business is the rapid deployment when the SaaS software is exactly the need (and it requires no adaptation). Deployment time is extremely low.
Another advantage could be to reduce power consumption by allowing the pooling of resources shared by several companies as well as the use of a low power computer with a Web browser without other licenses associated servers.

A web service (or service toile1) is a computer program from the family of web technologies for communication and data exchange between heterogeneous applications and systems in distributed environments. It is therefore a set of functionality exposed on the Internet or an intranet, by and for applications or machines without human intervention, synchronously or asynchronously.


  • Web services provide interoperability between various software applications running on different platforms.
  • Web services use open standards and protocols.
  • Protocols and data formats are in text format to the extent possible, thus facilitating understanding of the overall functioning of trade.
  • Based on the HTTP protocol, Web services can work through many firewalls without requiring changes to the filtering rules.
  • Development tools, based on these standards, allow the automatic creation of programs using existing web services.



Your Project

Develop your ideas to make digital is much easier than you imagine.

Your project resolves in a few steps:

  1. discovering your needs
  2. developing your specifications
  3. Development code
  4. tests
  5. on-line